Stingray-Floating House

Stingray-Floating House
Schopfer Associates
Aegean Sea (between the mainland’s of Greece & Turkey)

Tangram3DS has been fortunate to partner with Schopfer Associates to create a luxury floating house located in the Aegean Sea, called Stingray. This two story residence is designed to embrace the romance and practical notion of living on water. A unique residence in every way, this space has been modeled after the elegant sea fish, the Sting Ray.

Arrival from the shore is via a dedicated floating “stinger tail” expressed as the driveway/walkway. The driveway in turns opens into a filtered skylit motor courtyard and front door. A separate cylindrical two car garage advances the outward flowing sloped roof composition. The main level is devoted to family use and frequent entertainment venues. A central rotunda provides both circulation and a centralized formal gesture pushing towards the water edge.

Large glazed walls allow the inside and outside to coincide in a resort inspired ambience. Other resort amenities include an ample deck featuring a beach, infinity edge pool, hot tub, dock and fire pit. One repeated element is the slotted “gill” ceilings which abstractly mirror the sleek underside of the fish.

Three bedroom occupy the second level with focus around the central rotunda. A master suite has received a prominent placement with panoramic views. Two baths and dressing areas are both features of the master bedroom foyer.

From the beginning, the intent has been to create a design which has a sense of belonging to its’ collective surroundings. Tangram is very proud of the quality and the details captured in this very special residence. This was a complete project and included a total of 18 renderings.

Design: E. Kevin Schopfer AIA, RIBA, Schopfer Associates, LLC
3D Renderings: Tangram3DS